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All things are different here! DOOTA MALL MEMBERSHIP is a membership service that enables you to enjoy a premium of living culture services.

MEMBERSHIP 01 Earn minimum 3% of your payment as DOOTA POINT. When you make a purchase in the DOOTA MALL, minimum 3% of your payment will be added to your DOOTA POINT.

MEMBERSHIP 02 Redeem DOOTA POINT in cash in the DOOTA MALL! You can start using your points like cash in the DOOTA MALL when you get to 1,000 DOOTA POINT.

MEMBERSHIP 03 Get 3,000 points right away when you sign up! All new members signing up for DOOTA MALL MEMBERSHIP will be given 3,000 points as a signing gift.
(Note: This gift points will be expired at the end of the next month based on the date of sign up)

MEMBERSHIP 04 Rich and diverse benefits depending on levels of membership status! We offer diverse benefits, including more points for higher levels of DOOTA MALL MEMBERSHIP status, which is determined based on purchase amounts.